Booking FAQ's

You can amend or cancel your ferry booking in your My Bookings area. This will be subject to an charge based on your ticket type and also providing there are no other fees applicable from the ferry operator.

Yes, all online booking payments are made with PayPal. PayPal delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. After more than a decade as a leader in online payments, PayPal have learned a thing or two about keeping your information safer. Whether you're buying, selling, or transferring money, you get an extra layer of security when you use PayPal.

No. These days have passed so you will receive a booking reference number which is sent to you by email and also can be obtained in your 'Manage My Bookings' area. When you arrive at the port of departure you should present the booking reference number together with a passport hovever some ferry ports can identify you and your booking via your vehicles number plate registration.

Your check in time will be listed in your email confirmation and in your My Bookings area but generally all travellers should check in 60 minutes before departure if travelling with a vehicle. Passengers travelling with a pet must be checked in at least 60 minutes before departure.

You must enter the length and height of your vehicle if requested and these must be as accurate as possible. The dimensions of your vehicle can be found in your vehicle handbook or searched online. If you do not state the correct details then you are liable for any costs incurred by the ferry operator at the port.

To travel to Continental Europe, you'll need to bring a valid passport with you.


Children under 16 will need their own passport and must be accompanied by an adult. If that adult is not their parent or legal guardian, the child will also need a letter of authorisation from the relevant parties or authorities. Children aged 16 to 17 can travel on their own but need authorisation from a parent or legal guardian to leave the UK.

Your vehicle

If you're travelling in a vehicle you'll need;

  • Your driving licence
  • An internationl driving licence
  • Insurance documents and green card (if applicable).
  • You'll also need by French law a first aid kit, security triangle, breathalyzer kit and at least two fluorescent vests which have to be accessible without leaving the car.
If you don't have these items when you board don't worry, they are all available to buy onboard. If you have a hire car, remember to make sure your contract allows you to leave the UK.port.

The days of long quarantine are over. These days, you’re free to take dogs, cats and ferrets to the Continent as long as a few basic requirements are fulfilled – so now the whole family can enjoy travelling with MyFerryLink for just £25 per pet.

You’ll need to get your faithful friend microchipped and it will need a pet passport with the chip number and dates of vaccinations. You will need to comply with these regulations before your pet can travel with MyFerryLink.

Please note that a maximum of 5 pets are permitted to travel per vehicle. 

At check-in, your animal will need:

  • To have a microchip (inserted before its anti-rabies vaccination)
  • To have been vaccinated against rabies
  • Must be blood tested atleast 6 months prior to departing
  • An up-to-date pet passport

Please note, these rules vary depending on the type of pet and destination country, so please check the DEFRA site for the latest details.

Some of these requirements will need to be carried out well in advance of your travel, so please plan ahead.

Once aboard, your pet will stay in your car while you travel on the passenger decks. However guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed to travel in the passenger areas.

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