Port of Calais Ferries

Port of Calais Ferries to Dover

By car:
Calais is the final destination of your trip abroad and is directly connected to the European motorway network via two autoroutes. The A26/E15 provides access from the heart of France including Paris and beyond and the A16/E40, which provides the gateway from Benelux and the northern European motorway systems. The A16/E402 connects to Boulogne and Normandy.

With a choice of up to 23 crossings from Calais throughout the day and unbeatable onboard services, P&O Ferries Dover to Calais ferry crossing allows you to come and go as you please.

We hope you can find your preferred Dover to Calais crossing time and at a great price when you use Fishing Ferry. We offer some of the most competative prices for Dover to Calais cross channel ferries which is the reason you can trust Fishing Ferry are one of the cheapest that you'll find anywhere online.

Port of Calais Ferries

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